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The Gawds Franky Morales Pro Skate is something of an eyecatcher. Love it or hate: you're gonna be talking about it! Crazy to think that the whole Gawds brand started life with Franky doing a few limited runs of t-shirts, then came the wheels and now we get to introduce the first Gawds branded skate! It's no secret Franky Morales loves his sneakers and like his previous pro skates under the USD brand, he opted to style this new Gawds skate on one of his favourite Jordan's of all time; the Nike Air Jordan 12 Retro Game Flu (Check the image below). As you can see, the Gawds brand really pushed the boat out to replicate even the most minute bit of detail.

It isn't all about the looks though as the Gawds Franky Pro Skate comes spec'd to the brim. The Gawds boot uses an internal composite plastic/fibreglass skeleton that feels ultra supportive. Combined with the new style nylon cuff you get a nice overall flex for groove and steezy topside tricks as Franky is well known for. Internally you will find a series of triple-density paddings with microfiber lining for added comfort. The real game changer for this skate is the designed-from-scratch CNC cut soul kits. They are cut from a sheet of UHMW plastic (rather than using a mould) and are completely symmetrical so you can flip and switch your souls once they start to wear down saving you having to replace soul kits. If you know UHMW material, you'll know it slides like butter and lasts better then any other plastic material.

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