Powerslide Roller Blades – NEXT 100 Inline Skates

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Powerslide Roller Blades – NEXT 100 Inline Skates

Powerslide Roller Blades – NEXT 100 Inline Skates

 The NEXT models are the first of their kind – the first TRINITY 3-point mounting hardshell inline skate in the world. You are able to modify the flex of your skate by cutting the wings of your shell and adjust the ankle support by altering the cuff height. Powerslide’s TRINITY is the most advanced mounting system which allows you to switch your skate from a freeskate to an SUV skate, a long distance training skate or even an ice skate thanks to the universal mounting system between their frames. The NEXT 100 is full of incredible features such as the super comfortable heat moldable MYFIT Recall liner covering two sizes. The beauty of the 100mm NEXT skate is that it gives you the opportunity to have all the fun of a tri-skate at the height of a traditional 4 wheel skate! The combination of unmatched comfort, amazing performance and outstanding design build the character of the Next 100 skate.


  • 100mm 88a Powerslide Spinner Wheels
  • Wicked ABEC-9 bearings
  • Heat mouldable MYFIT liner
  • Hardshell durable boot
  • Ratchet lower buckle/strap
  • Cast aluminium TRINITY frame
  • Dual Fit sizes: 36-37 | 38-39 | 40-41 | 42-43 | 44-45 | 46-47 | 48-49

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