Powerslide Skates – Phuzion SMU

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Powerslide Skates – Phuzion SMU

Powerslide Skates – Phuzion SMU

Powerslide Skates – Phuzion SMU are unbeatable in price/value ratio. They feature the Alpha shell with custom cuff function that enables the skater to adjust the width of the cuff to his/her needs. Also the frame is unique, the Unity frames are made out of one piece aircraft Aluminium, and thanks to a patented production technology the lowest and lightest fitness frames on the market. Therefore these skates are great for any fitness skater who is looking for a comfortable, lightweight and stable skating experience.

Extreme Skates recommends having fun but we encourage safety – Always wear protection –� Check out our helmets & pads.

Construction of the Alpha Shell Skids:

  • Unity Frame 195 mm
  • Wheels: Powerslide Wheel
  • diameter: 90 mm Wheel
  • hardness: 85A
  • Bearings: WCD ABEC-7
  • Brake HABS Skates



37 =   US 4  =  237mm Foot Length
38 =   US 5  =  243mm Foot Length
39 =   US 6  =  251mm Foot Length
40 =   US 7  =  258mm Foot Length
41 = US 7.5 =  265mm Foot Length
42 =   US 8  =  272mm Foot Length